What is lingerie made for?

What is lingerie made for? A lot of people will answer that it helps women feel irresistible and beautiful. Or it gives them necessary confidence and charm. Or it underlines the beauty of a woman’s body. When people hear the words “woman’s underwear”, they usually associate them with such notions as sexiness, passion, eroticism. They picture to themselves black or red bras, panties and sheer chemises with lace.


Nevertheless, woman’s lingerie was created first and foremost for these purposes: supporting, hygienic and covering. In the past underwear was bulky and uncomfortable. For example, everybody knows such an item of lingerie as a corset. Some centuries ago corsets were painful; they squeezed woman’s body and didn’t let women breathe properly. It was a real torture and punishment to wear them.


Nowadays bras and panties are the most popular undergarments. In lingerie stores there are bras of all kinds to fit any taste. Some of them lay stress on shapes, some conceal them. Some are designed for doing sports, some for active rest.  So, as you see, it’s difficult to cover all kinds of bras.


Panties were created for hygiene and protection. In the past they were wide, big and baggy. There’s no comparison to present panties. At present this piece of lingerie serves as the item drawing attention to its owner. They are sexy, impressive and the source of pride.


In every modern magazine we can find a lot of ads with women’s underwear in them. The popularity of lingerie increases day by day. Camisoles, bustiers, gowns and robes, teddies, babydolls are created for the same purposes: comfort, protection and hygiene…Plus they also give sensuality, confidence and make us feel beautiful.


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