What you know about women’s underwear

What do you know about women’s underwear? What’s the most tempting item of lingerie? Some people believe that corsets can be considered as the most amazing item of lingerie. They were created long time ago that at that time they looked like a wide leather belt that helped tighten woman’s waist and it’s worth mentioning that they were very uncomfortable and it was a real torture to wear them.


Some centuries later corsets were given metal or wooden framework that made waists very thin and breasts plainer. As you see, women only dreamt of comfort. Then new ideas occurred to the designers of those days that corsets might be attractive and pleasant to the eye. They began to decorate them with lace and used expensive materials for their sewing, such as silk, satin and atlas.


With time corsets changed, so did the attitude to them. Only at the end of the 19th century the corset ceased to be daily item of clothing for women, because people realized that it had a negative impact on woman’s health.


Nowadays corsets again become very popular among women. They are very stylish undergarments that emphasize women’s figure, breast and thin waist. Besides today’s corsets are much easier and comfy. What is more important, they aren’t harmful to women’s health. They give zest to any woman who wears them; make her sensual, staggering and mysterious. Such lingerie will surely draw your partner’s attention and without fail you’ll enjoy yourself.


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